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It’s about to get a bit weird.

This blog is an experiment.

I’ve spent a large portion of my life ashamed of who I am and scared to show that woman to the world.After years of suffocating myself, I ended up with a mean case of low self esteem, an anxiety disorder and a mind that never stops.  Constantly planning what to do, say and wear is exhausting, and unfortunately, my mind is extremely critical and can pin point one strand of hair out of place in less that 2 seconds.

With months of seeing posts online, I heard about “living an authentic life,” and I saw a glimmer.  After feeling like I was drowning, I decided that I needed to give being myself a try.  I need to learn to be comfortable with who I am and to love that person.

So here I am, chronicling my venture within and learning to be me.  I hope that within the 6 months I’ve learned to seek approval from within and not from others around me, that I will live for myself, set appropriate boundaries and be comfortable with who God intended me to be.



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