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5 Every Day People who Get Under My Skin

There are so many different kinds of people in this world, and we’re taught to celebrate our differences.  But lately, we’ve seen an over abundance of negativity and intolerance that I can’t fully wrap my head around.  I’ve had discussions and debates, and I’m throwing in the white flag.  I will no longer be debating these people; instead I’ll be throwing my own intolerance into the mix.  Because sometimes, there are just some people you can never understand or accept.  So next time anyone decides to make a public statements regarding illegal immigrants, race, creed, etc.,  I’m throwing in my two cents on the following groups because awareness needs to happen.

  1. People who prefer air conditioning to open windows – Who are these people?  Where did they come from?  What exactly about our planet’s sustaining life force offends them?  Perhaps they just don’t like the idea of breathing; or perhaps they are just aliens.  It’s one thing if it’s hot and humid and the air is stifling, or you have horrendous outdoor allergies, but on a beautiful sunny 70 degree day, air conditioning is not necessary. Do your body good and get some fresh air.  OR may be they are really aliens from another planet and the bacteria and organisms in our natural air are their downfall. If that’s the case, screw the wall.  We need to build a bubble around out atmosphere and keep invaders out.  Either way, I don’t trust them.
  2. People who put their hands in other’s bags of food – Were these people raised by wolves?  Who do you think you are putting your filthy hand in my bag of delicious chips?   Those are mine.  Even if I say you can have some, you better (a) get a bowl from the kitchen or (b) cup your hands into a bowl.  Where have those hands been?  Do you wash them?  I don’t know your hygiene. Get the f*** out of here! Greedy bastards.
  3. People who grab a handful of skittles or jelly beans and put them all in their mouths – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Who mixes all of those flavors together?! Someone took a painstaking amount of time to get that flavor just right.  There is an elaborate piece of chemically delicious flavor in each little bean or skittle.   You enjoy each flavorful sugary piece on its own, the way they should be.   Coffee and lime together?  NO!  Just no! We’re clearly on the verge of mass hysteria.
  4. People who spread out and walk slowly in the mall – I hope these people realize that everyone else trying to shop or go about their day hates them.  It’s the equivalent to people in every lane of the highway going the same speed; no one car passing the others.  Just a barrier because no one wants to be behind someone else.  Taking up that much space and not allowing for passing, is just plain rude.  Everyone has their own errands and day planned, and you are forcing us to live by yours and follow you on your leisurely stroll.  I not so secretly believe that there is special place in hell reserved for you.  Clearly you have no regard for the people around and are trapped in your own world.  I hope pick up on the anger permeating off of the people behind you as they follow so closely they can step on your heals.
  5. People who don’t like animals – It’s baffling that these people exist.  I understand not being a cat person or a dog person or having a preference, but not liking animals in general is something, I simply don’t trust.  If you can’t find enjoyment from another living thing that simply just wants to love you, you have some serious problems.  Who turns down unconditional love?  Even non-domestic animals, most people find them fascinating or beautiful.  To not have some sort of affinity towards other living creatures is frightening and almost polarizing.  If you don’t have the ability to care for another creature, then we can’t be friends.



8 thoughts on “5 Every Day People who Get Under My Skin

  1. Really so funny! Thanks for saying what we all want to say! My husband is serious about jellybeans, he will lay them out and sort the flavors before eating. I live in the South and they turn their air on right quick.

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    1. Your husband is doing it right! I do the same thing. Are you in the crazy humid south or beautiful coastal breeze south? lol.


  2. The slow groups of walkers drive me crazy at Disney World. I try to stay positive and appreciate that they are taking it all in. But dang it I have a FastPass+ for Soarin’ I need to get to! 🙂


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