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My 8 lb Dictator

My life is run by a 8lb ball of fluff.  I kid you not.  He’s bossy and needy, and he never lets me go away for weekends unless he has a babysitter.  And….they have to be an around the clock babysitter.  If they only come in to feed or play for 20 minutes or so….he tears apart his pen.   He tells me when to get to up, when to eat and when it’s time for affection.  I can never sleep in because he needs to be fed at the same time every morning or he starts throwing things around his pen.

Hi!  You’re going to pet me now, right?

Not to mention…if he wants attention he pounds the floor until I wake up and give in. I’m not talking about a quick little tap.  I mean a light knock every 3 minutes until it turns into a loud pounding.  My neighbors 2 floors below me can hear him when he gets that way. I’ve gotten messages while at work that’s thumping away, demanding something, even when no one is home!  He’s seriously lucky he’s cute.

Have I mentioned he begs like a dog? Whether I’m sitting in a chair, on the couch or on the floor when I have friends over, he’s right there.  He stares at me while I eat and follows my hand regardless of what I’m putting in my mouth.  I’m pretty sure I could be eating rabbit, and he’d still want some.

Can I have that?


This fur ball also basically owns half of my apartment.  He has an exercise/play area that takes up the kitchen floor, along with a 3X4 pen that opens up into the kitchen area. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom, only to step on his twisted knot and other wooden toys.  Needless to say, it hurts just as much as a Lego. He’s the most spoiled thing, but he’s cute so it evens out.

I’m 8 lbs, but I need all this space.  And whatever you have too….it’s important

When I go to the kitchen to get something to eat or drink, he’s right behind me.  He knows where his food is kept, and automatically assumes if I open the fridge, it’s to get him some lettuce or greens.  He gets so excited while I walk that way that he runs through my legs. I trip over him on a daily basis.

He’s made me realize that I don’t quite understand the expression “curiosity killed the cat.” It should really be “curiosity killed the bunny.”  He gets into EVERYTHING from mail to my clothing.  He needs to check every thing I bring into the apartment, just in case there is something for him in it. I feel like I’m going through customs every time I go shopping.

Was this mine?  Did you take my stuff?


This bag is mine.  I can smell the veggies.


These books are mine too.


He’s always ready to eat and gets so excited when it’s time for food.  I don’t fully understand it since he has unlimited hay, pellets in the morning and fresh veggies in the evening. But he spins circles, runs around like a mad man, and jumps around whenever I pull out vegetables.  He’ll sometimes jump in my lap if I’m hand feeding him, or put his paws on my legs to keep me from moving.

Don’t you move!  Give me another vegetable!

But at the end of the day, he’s just too adorable.  He’ll curl up his furry little butt or lay fully stretched out napping.  His cute little face just looks so sweet.  He may be a pain in my butt, but I adore him….his pushiness and all.

Nap time!

52 thoughts on “My 8 lb Dictator

  1. Adorable!! I can see why this little fluff-nugget runs your house and world! I have a kitty that pretty much dictates everything I do. Once she meows and gives me a little sad kitty face I am done. haha… And I LOVE it. Whats better than loving cute animals? Nothing.
    Karen |


  2. What a bundle of joy you have there. When my boys were little we had two little rabbits. So adorable and YES, at times a lot of work. ^_^ We lived in a house at the time so they were able to play outside.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It took him a while. I’ve had him since September and received him from a family member as she could no longer keep up with him, her 3 kids and 2 dogs. Every month was a new step in him getting comfortable.


  3. He is so cute and fluffy! I never thought a bunny would have such a personality like a dog does! He seems so friendly, I never knew that about rabbits 🙂 My cousin had a small rabbit growing up and it just seemed to want nothing to do with anyone…

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    1. Size matters. lol. Just like with dogs, the bigger the dog…the more they want to be a lap dog. The bigger the bunny, the more likely they are to be friends. You just have to give them a lot time and let them explore. I’ve had him since September, and each month he progressed to be more comfortable.


  4. My son would love a rabbit! I’m worried that we don’t really have the space for one. It’s clear they like a bit more roaming room than just a small pen 🙂


    1. There’s all sizes of bunnies. He’s pretty big but not the largest out there. He started out in a cage, which was way too small for him, so I needed to give him a bit more space. Rabbits should be able to hop a few times and stand up on their hind legs when caged. He couldn’t do either. I found with him, the more space he got, the more comfortable he became and more of personality came out.

      I live in a studio so my place is small to begin with, but I treat him like a small dog almost. He’s curious like a cat though so he naturally explores.

      If you do decide to get a bunny, just make sure you let them roam for a few hours a day. It really makes them more comfortable in the home. I let him in the living area so that he got used to me in the same space.


  5. We underestimate animals so much they know they are not dumb at all. My friend has a bunny and it beats him and bites him when hes late feeding her, he has shown me the bruises. So I told him then feed her on time and she wont be mean lol…

    Your bunny is petty adorable 🙂

    Leslie xoxo


  6. Wow this could really be a dog in my opinion, what a cute little critter! I had no idea they packed so much personality. cute!


    1. He’s absolutely ridiculous. I wanted to post a picture comment last night as he tried to grab his treats off the coffee table, but pulled my water cup off instead. then laid in the wet carpet to enjoy the coolness.


  7. What a cute bunny. I would have never even thought you could have an indoor bunny as a pet. I used to have neighbors that kept bunnies but they were outside in a pen.


  8. He is seriously cute! I wish I could come over with my kids to pet him. We always go look at bunnies at our local zoo and my kids ask to pet them, but of course, it’s against the rules. They look so soft and snuggly though.


    1. They are VERY soft. As horrible as this is going to sound….I completely understand why people make coats out of their fur. I’ve never felt anything softer.


    1. I have a ton a tips.

      1. Make sure he can hop a couple of times in cage and stand up.

      2. Keep him somewhere that the family hangs out. It’s the best way to get him comfortable around people and have him get used to you.

      3. Let him out for at least an hour. House rabbit society recommends 3, but sometimes that’s just not doable. I started with my boy’s cage on the floor. When I would come home for the night, I’d just open the door. It took him a few weeks but he started coming out for play and socialization on his own.

      4. Find a good pet store with knowledgeable staff. These stores normally have the best pellets and hay. Oxbow is a great brand.

      5. Find some good websites. House rabbit society is great. They also have a good list of rabbit safe vegetables and rabbit vets for each state.


  9. Aww so cute. I can’t believe he acts like a cat. Curious bunny. I used to have several bunnies too. I love bunnies. He is so adorable. happiness is coming home to a bunny. isn’t it? Thanks for sharing about this cutie. Hugs and kisses to him.


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