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The Moment You Become an Adult

Sometimes it’s hard to define specific moments in your life. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when you’ve gone through a shift or period of growth as you never know notice the change until it’s always happened. One minute you’re operating on your normal frequency, and the next, you’re spouting phrases that your mother makes.

The first time I sounded like my mother, I stopped in my tracks.  Where did that come from?!  Who said that?!  It certainly couldn’t have been me!  I remember I was on the phone with a friend, while cleaning my apartment, and one of my mother’s idioms just slipped out.  I stood there in complete shock.  I even stopped the conversation to note what had just happened.  That was the one of the first moments I realized I was growing up. And scarily, I had inherited the same speaking style of my mother. This past weekend, I had another.

Fourth of July weekend is always a fantastic time filled with family and friends.  I grew up down the shore so I’ve always gone to other individual’s events. This year, I hosted my own barbeque.  It wasn’t something I originally planned on but my neighbors and I decided it would be fun to have a building barbeque.  For the first time since I moved years ago (yes, years), I had family coming up from the beach.  For those of you who don’t know, you can’t get anyone who lives by a beach inland on a holiday weekend.  I didn’t think much of it until someone mentioned that I was “hosting” or “entertaining.”  When they found out friends were bringing their children, I was told I was officially adulting. It made me think…what exactly makes you an adult?  When do you actually become one?


Seriously…who allowed this?


By law, the moment you turn 18, you are legally an adult.  Yet, we oddly don’t let 18 year olds legally drink.  You can at 21, but that found freedom has a tendency to be overdone the first few years. I’m not even sure you can be clarified as an adult while in college…at least, not from my own experience.  You are still learning so much during that time.  You’re still learning about yourself and will continue to do so.  You’re still trying to understand the world, yet your still the focus of your own world.  I don’t know many young 20 years old who were focused on others.

Is it that moment when you get ridiculously excited to buy a vacuum? If you haven’t experienced this yet…I promise you, you will. Is it buying your first car on your own? Getting your own pet?  Moving out on your own?  Marriage?  Kids? Someone let me know!

Trust me…It will feel like this!


I’m not sure I feel like an adult yet, even though I’ve been told I’m adulting. I don’t know if I ever will feel like one.  Does anyone out there feel like an adult?  If so, do you know when it happened?  Can you pinpoint a specific moment in time? What does it mean to be one?


43 thoughts on “The Moment You Become an Adult

  1. My moment was when I told my cousin it was a good thing the basketball game was going to be on early so he won’t have to stay up late! After I said it I though he is young he doesn’t care, oh man I am getting older!

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  2. I don’t know if I will ever get used to feeling of being an adult. One day I want to go sit and listen to music I loved in Junior High and the next minute I’m getting excited about the laundry being done!

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    1. I don’t know how it happens! I remember hating cleaning my room. Now I get such a sense of accomplishment when I clean my apartment! Lol.


  3. Sometimes I really feel like an adult, like when I got excited that the house we moved into had a laundry room (sigh), but then other times I still feel like I’m “faking it”. Maybe by the time I’m 40 I’ll get there 😉

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  4. I refuse to believe that I’m an adult. I have definitely had this discussion with several of my friends. As far as we are concerned, we all just graduated from high school…or college.

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  5. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel like an “adult”. I moved out of home to go to university before I turned 18, I’m married and would l like to have kids soon. I turned 30 this year and I’m pretty sure I still feel much the same as I always have (sure, my interests change over time but I’m not sure I’ve felt “older” or more “adult-like” at any point!)

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  6. This was so entertaining to read. I remember the first time I sounded like my mother and I’m pretty sure I was thrown off for the rest of the day. But over time I have slowly started to enjoy some of the less enjoyable aspects of being an adult like grocery shopping and meal planning/prepping lol.

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  7. I do not feel like an adult at all. I am married, my husband and I own our house(not paid off), and I have the title to my car. Nope.. I am not sure when I will feel like an adult. Looks like I am not alone. Haha.

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  8. I think the few times that it really hit was:

    1) When I bought my very own AND brand new small (circular, not oval) CrockPot
    2) Noticing the [miniscule, but still!] rate change when I turned 25 on my car insurance
    3) Paying [more of] my own bills and creating an Excel spreadsheet to do so
    4) When I do taxes every year. *Enter depressed adult stage*
    5) When it’s 9pm and I’m sooooooo ready for bed and I don’t care who judges me for it
    6) When I make my own grilled cheese, it never tastes the same like how Mom makes it
    7) This year is my 10 year high school reunion (Class of 06 baby)
    8) Arguing with myself over which scent I like better (candles, laundry pods, dish soap…)
    9) Going up the stairs sucks [even more]
    10) Appreciation for my parents cooking for me all these years, especially after working a 8+ hour day AND then errands AND then unloading AND then get started cooking AND then stare at the dishes AND totally tell myself I’ll do them tomorrow (henceforth a week later…)

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    1. Lol. I guess when your child turns legal age, I could see feeling like an adult. Don’t get down on the crockpot thing…I swear it’s just luck. I have one that only has 3 settings…warm, low and high. It’s hit or miss for me when I use it. lol

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  9. LOVE THIS! Here is a pin that pretty much sums up being an adult. Sometimes how I feel. It was a long quote so sharing link. lol
    Sometimes I do not even feel like an adult. At my age now I do not feel like a 18 year old or 21 year old is truly an adult. I had a different view of that at those ages though. Now that I have kids, married, and a few months from turning 30 I feel more adult…

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    1. Oh when I was 18 or 21, I thought I was extremely grown up and mature. I realize now that was not the case. I was definitely still a self-centric individual back then.


  10. I once read somewhere that after 30 women turn into their mothers. It really made me laugh…until one day when I said something that sounded exactly like my mother!! And I was shocked too – just like you!! 😮
    In my case I guess marriage and kids was the turning point.

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  11. Haha! I’m 28, married for over 4 years, with my second baby on the way, and I still have moments when I look around for an “adultier” adult! I think there’s not one moment when you’re like, “Ahhh, I’m an adult” but rather a series of moments that may happen over a number of years–a process–that gradually turns you into an adult. 🙂

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  12. Beautiful post. I felt like an adult when I started handling some financial responsibilities but I still hold on to my child-like self. That is my safe haven when adulthood overwhelms me. It is not childish, it is keeping my sanity so I don’t lose it due to responsibilities of adult life. Nicely written.

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  13. I think everyone has a different moment of when they become an adult. For me that moment has been moving out of my mothers house & getting engaged. I realized I’m growing up and becoming an adult which terrifies me but it’s exciting.

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