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Two Sides of Every Story

There is so much happening in the world today that it’s hard to ignore.  From those calling it the end of the world to the many feeling that we’re witnessing a start of the next world war and a possible civil war in America, it can feel like one of the most terrifying times in history. We’ve all seen the images of police walking the street with riot gear and at the ready, protesters becoming violent, and attacks throughout the world. It feels intensely controlling and chaotic all at once.  Simply putting it, we live in an overwhelming time; yet maybe, just maybe, there is another way of looking at the tragic events we’ve seen too frequently. Maybe, just maybe, we’re going through a time of transition, a change in our culture, in the cultures across the world.

Even flowers grow through concrete

We’ve all seen the bad, but so many of us are missing the good. We are finally addressing issues world wide that have needed to be in the forefront for so long.  We are stepping outside of what we had deemed as normal and are being challenged to see the world in a new light.  We are looking at new forms of equality, fairness and rights.  We are discussing things that make us uncomfortable but may actually be necessary. We’ve all seen the stories on recent shootings, the Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter campaigns, and I’m sure we’ve all see the arguments on Facebook. It seems we’re finally having those discussions that are needed to understand one another, to understand the quality of life we’re each living. We’re finally discussing true equality for all races and religions and how to exactly help individuals who need it. Yes, it’s through hardships and strife that these discussions are occurring, but…they are occurring.


Many people are looking at life a bit differently, myself included.  With the intense situations that surround us, being more thoughtful, connected and appreciative of what we have has become a bit more of a daily occurrence.  Individuals are going home each night focusing on what’s truly important to them.  They are appreciating the time and smaller points of life rather than rushing through their day and worrying about the superficial.  It’s truly inspiring if you think about it.  Learning to love and appreciate the small things is what makes up life. People are truly focusing on what’s important, and it’s beautiful.

I know the world is a scary place, and may be I’m naïve.  But there’s so much beauty in it.  There are people who care and love and want to do good by others.  In times when you are scared and are focusing on the chaos, just remember to look at what’s truly important…your family, friends and the small things.



22 thoughts on “Two Sides of Every Story

  1. Great post! I try to find the positivity in every situation. I preach this on my blog – I tell everyone to go out and Spread Sparkle. Thank you for sharing your views on finding beauty in today’s world. It is important to share that with others – spreading love instead of hate. 🙂

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  2. There are so many crazy things happening in the world right now, but you’re right… you have to see the other side of life to and look into the beauty. I am very thankful for all my wonderful family and friends!

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  3. I love this, and my thoughts exactly. I don’t see the violence, the decay, nor the ugliness that the media tries to frighten us with. In fact, when something bad happens, I pay attention to the good that comes out of it. We live in a world where every event is billed as a disaster, and until the media incites panic, it is not a profitable story. Add to that the opinion of unqualified bloggers, and the fuel that social media throws into the fire, and you have mass hysteria after every event. The world is not an ugly place, it is exactly the same as it has always been. But mass media would like us to believe otherwise. Switch it off.

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    1. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a child right now. I was a child when the LA riots were happening, OJ, and the Gulf war (or was it desert storm?). But we did not have coverage like this! I don’t think these intense images were as available to us then. Sending your boys good vibes!


  4. Good subject to discuss.
    What I feel is that chaos and disturbance of various forms were prevalent in all ages. Man by nature is restless and violent.
    If you turn the pages of history there will be no short of cases of atrocities, domination, wars and other chaotic events. While few things have changed for good other bad things have filled this vacancy.
    The only thing that changes from one age to the other is the form of chaos.

    Thanks for writing this. Interesting piece.

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  5. This post is everything to me right now. I have been grappling with what this world has come to or perhaps, never was. It is true every day I find myself with increased gratitude for this very moment and the great connections I can make with other people. I am further inspired to work towards my goals in making this world a better place. And thank you for your inspiring words.

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