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What You Taught Me

Every relationship, whether it be friendship, romantic or familial, teaches us something. As time progresses, you not only learn more about the other person, but you learn more about yourself.  Each individual affects you so uniquely and leaves a form of an imprint.  It’s almost as leave they each leave a fingerprint on your heart and/or spirit.  Even those we wish to forget or leave behind somehow forms who we are.

Over the years I’ve been taught many lessons by a variety of people.  Each of them has been important and has helped me grow as an individuals.  Many of them have no idea what I’ve learned from them. They also don’t know how much they taught me about myself.


You taught me that…..sometimes you have to keep going and making the best for your loved ones.  It’s not always about you, even though your happiness does count.  Sometimes, there are others that need to be put first.

You taught me that….just because you’re supposed to care for someone or something, doesn’t mean you will.

You taught me that….being silly, foolish and doing whatever will make you laugh is not crazy, but the coolest things you can do.

You taught me that….even your worst enemies can become your best friends.

You taught me that…. aunts are always best friends.

You taught me that….you don’t have to be a biological father to be a dad.

You taught me that….a kind heart and love is what makes a family, and I’m so lucky to have incredibly open and loving people in mine.

You taught me that….childhood best friends are always friends.  We don’t speak often, but when we do, there’s love and caring.

You taught me that….sometimes responsibility is thrust on you at a young age.  What you do with it and how you react to it is what makes a good person.

You taught me that….sometimes you need to rebel.

You taught me that….there is nothing wrong with be sensitive and open.

You taught me that…some people you think are friends really don’t want the best for you.

You taught me that….if you’re pining for someone, it’s most likely lust.

You taught me that….I’m a tough chick.

You taught me that….just because you are at ease with someone doesn’t mean they have what’s best for you in mind.

You taught me that….a locked door is essential in a house of 10 people.

You taught me that….I’m able to guide myself if I need to. It’ll be a messy and a long process, but I can get myself there if need be.

You taught me that….I always want to care for people.  I’m the mother hen of my friends and make sure everyone gets home okay.  I’m the responsible one.

You taught me that….trying new things is an important part of life.  Never going out on a limb is boring and leads to headaches.

You taught me that….if you don’t know where you are going, the answer is Hoboken.

You taught me that….I’m my own worst enemy.  I catastrophize on a regular basis and throw myself into overload.

You taught me that….age doesn’t equal maturity or the emotional healthiness of a person.

You taught me that….I’m more capable in creating a well rounded life than I ever imagined.

You taught me that….some people can’t see those around them. All they see is themselves and their desires.

You taught me that….some people truly only care for themselves and what you can do for them.  They will play face until they no longer get what they want from you.

You taught me that….the heart is fickle and I shouldn’t always trust mine.

You taught me that….I’m smarter and more intuitive that I could know.  My ability to empathize with people, feel for them, care for them and want to help them is actually a strength and beautiful.

What have people taught you?


44 thoughts on “What You Taught Me

  1. Wow! I knew that every relatuonships teaches you something but I’ve never stopped to appriciate it and/or list down what each has taught me. Think this is a good idea to get a better look at yourself and maybe get closure from bad relatuonships. Thank you

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  2. Inspiring! I was just talking to my friend a few days ago about what certain people have taught me. I learn a lot from others and I’m not quite afraid to tell them that they’ve taught me something or at least I’ve learned from just knowing and hanging out with them. Great post!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

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  3. “Just because you are at ease with someone doesn’t mean they have what’s best for you in mind.” It’s very true. People have their own priority in their mind and sometimes we are not on that list. These are inspiring thoughts you share here.

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  4. Really great post! I couldn’t believe this more. It’s great to look at what every relationship taught you even if it didn’t end up how I expected. Thanks for sharing

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  5. That’s great that you’ve learned things from so many people. I would say that my mother taught me that any subject is interesting if you look at it the right way.

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  6. This is such a lovely post! I love that you look at the positive side. My ex-best friends (is that a word) taught me to sometimes pick myself over others, especially the people that drain my energy and give nothing back.

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