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September 9 Weekly Wrap Up

THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!!  The end of the week is here, and it’s time for another mini vacation, or at least, that’s how I like to think of the weekends.  Hopefully, you do too. I have pretty full weekend with friends planned as well volunteering at church so I wanted to get this drafted as soon as possible!

Something I Learned: A scuba diver in Alamitos Bay, California has logged over 1,000 dives and noticed that sand bass were eating the octopus hatchlings.  In order to protect these little babies, the diver began collecting the large items at the bottom of the bay and began constructing mini-city in order to protect not just the baby octopi but also other types of sea life that are fed upon. These include seahorses.


Moment of Joy: Watching a friend’s reaction to the end of Broadchurch.  If you haven’t wanted this David Tenant series, I highly recommend it…especially if you love murder mysteries.  Watching her react to finding out who the killer was, was fantastic.  I had seen both the first and second seasons and this was her first time watching.

untitledFears:  That I’m going to run out of money.  I had a very busy summer with lots of activities and adventures.  My bank account is starting to look it.  Don’t get me wrong, the experiences were wonderful!  But I’m starting to notice my account at new lows.  It’s worrying.  Not to mention that my MacBook wouldn’t start last night.  Yikes! Please don’t be dead!

One Thing I Want to Change: The amount of times I eat out.  I’m still in summer mode of going out with friends and enjoying a good meal out.  Instead of it being once a week, this seems to have grown to twice a week.  No wonder my bank account is going down!

17914160218_e2f4c80d76_oSomething I’m Thankful For: My amazing friends…if I’m ever really suffering, feeling alone, or what not, they are always there to remind me that I’m loved. They are really wonderful and supportive. As odd as this may sound, one even has me come over when she’s not there.  If she’ll be home soon, and she knows I’m having a rough time, she’ll tell me to just go in the house and chill with her dogs. Lol.  Which I love!  Their welcome is always such a happy one. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog!

Embarrassing Truth: I sometimes order fries, onion rings or pretty much anything that you put ketchup on, simply because I want ketchup. I’m not sure what it is, but I will have a craving for it at times. I can put it on almost anything (I do have a few exceptions), and as a kid I pretty much did put it on everything. The best part of a hotdog is when you put “too much” ketchup on it and end up having just the end piece of the bread with a glob of ketchup.  Ketchup sandwich please!






7 thoughts on “September 9 Weekly Wrap Up

    1. I really liked Grace Point (the American version). It was what turned me on to Broadchurch, and I have to say Broadchurch was actually better. They are currently filming their 3rd season and I can’t wait!


  1. Ha ha! Loved the post. And I do wonder, if tomatoes are fruits, ketch up is a smoothie? And yes, I’m with you when you say, you are thankful for friends. So am I. Living away from my family, what makes the life livable is not only the family that I created, but also the friends I made along the way.

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