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When Did This Happen? The Differences between Pre and Post Graduation Life

How many of us have tried to rush through school and want for it to be over? How many of us couldn’t wait to grow up so we could do what we wanted and live the way we thought adults lived?  How many of us have uttered the phrase….I can’t wait till I graduate?  No one actually listened to their parents when they said not to rush life.  What do they know?  They are adults.  But damn it if they weren’t right.

Before you graduate, you thought of all of the freedom it involved.  Living on your own, going out whenever you wanted, NO RULES.

After you graduate, what are these things called bills?  You mean responsibility comes with this?  I have to save money to pay this stuff?  What?

Before you graduate, the weekend starts on Thursday and the parties don’t stop until Sunday morning.

After you graduate, the weekend technically starts on Friday but your so tired after the work week, you Netflix and chill…sometimes with just yourself. The only time to go out is Saturday night when you’ll stay till midnight and then complain about being so exhausted Sunday morning.


Before you graduate, you could stay up till all hours of the night and still wake up in time for class the next day.

After you graduate, you commend yourself for staying up until 10 p.m. and anything past that, you know you’ll feel it in the morning.

Before you graduate, you could blow money like no one’s business.  The most important thing was having a good time with your friends.

After you graduate, your checking account becomes a thing of dread.

untitledBefore you graduate, you could drink every day, all day and be able to just get up in the morning.

After you graduate, after a few glasses of wine or a few drinks, you already know you’re going to hate yourself in the morning.  Hurtful hangovers actually exist.

Before you graduate, you create your schedule so you don’t wake up before 10 a.m.

After you graduate, the alarm clock is your worst enemy.

Before you graduate, skipping class is a daily struggle, and there is really no regret when you do.

After you graduate, skipping work is a daily struggle but you end up going anyway cause…bills.

Before you graduate, you know you really don’t have to go to your first class for each course.

After you graduate, if you skip the first portion of a training, you worry your boss will question you.

untitledBefore you graduate, the fall is all about pumpkin spice lattes.

After you graduate, the fall is still all about pumpkin spice lattes.  At least some things never change.



20 thoughts on “When Did This Happen? The Differences between Pre and Post Graduation Life

  1. This is really cute. =) I like the ending. It’s kind of a relief to know, despite how much life changes and seems more stressful, that somethings from who you were a few years ago are still there and still good.

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  2. That’s hilarious, and so right, I guess! Unfortunately, I had to work hard and go to the university and the same time, so I didn’t really have this pre-graduate freedom and I started to feel somewhere around 28, when I started travelling and working online 🙂

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  3. This is hilariously true! Lol. Very accurate, I don’t think there’s anyone who thought otherwise. It’s quite fun recalling how it felt when you had no idea how things would be once school ended!

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  4. haha the pumpkin spice lattes made me lol. But no seriously I feel this post. The difference between pre and post graduate is crazy. The rushing feeling of being an adult after graduation is some serious business.

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