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September 16 Weekly Wrap Up

This summer has been super busy and fall seems to be the same.  Don’t get me wrong…I love it.  Sometimes…I just want to sleep though.

mom-and-baby-handsSomething I Learned: Whenever a pregnant women suffers from organ damage like heart attack, the fetus sends stem cells to the organ helping it to repair.

I never would have realized that the fetus could take care of the mother as much as she takes care of him.  I’m sure it all has to do with the drive of survival, but I like to look at it as love between the two already.


Moment of Joy: I got to spend time with a good friends this weekend, just having a great day walking around and day drinking.  Who doesn’t love day drinking?!  Lol.



Fears: I feel like this is always the hardest.  My therapist just told me she thinks I’m codependent, and now I’m wondering if there really is something wrong with me.  She told me it’s common; most people from my background experience this.  But I feel…..defective. May be I am the problem.

One Thing I Want to Change: The way I find comfort.  Like most, I turn to my vices and I’d love to be able to be a “healthy” adult. I’d like to be able to feel my emotions without running and trying to self sooth in healthy manners.

aid114866-728px-get-rid-of-panic-attacks-step-2-version-3Something I’m Thankful For: Being able to put a name with my disorder, panic disorder.  It took so long to finally go get help because I felt like I should be able to handle my panic attacks.  Finally talking to someone about it, truly helped and helped me understand it.


Embarrassing Truth: I the renaissance and spent this past weekend there.  Not only did I enjoy a day of mead and shouting “Huzzah!,” but I also ran into the one and only Gandalf the Grey.  Nothing nefarious happened, so I’m assuming that no adventures were had.  No dragons, no orcs, no all-saving Eagles appeared.  Just an ordinary day in Middle Earth, I guess.

Gandalf was way too into his food and pipe and wanted nothing to do with taking me on an adventure.  However, I do hope I’ll see him on my doorstep in the near future.  *Pick me! Pick me!*



25 thoughts on “September 16 Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Looks like you had a great week. Thanks for that little trivia about pregnant women and the babies in their womb, that’s amazing! I would sure love to run into Gandalf as well, maybe he’ll take me on an adventure!

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    1. I thought it was a beautiful way to show that it’s not just the mother who supports the baby. But the baby also has helps its mother.


  2. I think that we all struggle with our mind and our fears, but some of us are just better at hiding it than others. You should start doing little steps towards your dreams and one day, you will reach them!

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  3. Glad that you got time to spend with your friend and thanks for sharing the information about fetus and stem cells. I used to think that Stem cells can only protect babies from any health hazard if their stem cells are preserved! I’ll read more about it!

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  4. The bond between a mother and the fetus is definitely incredible. I was aware of the fact how fetus helps repair damage cells. Amazing isnt it? Good you got to spend some quality time with friends

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