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Weekly Update with Thumper

0514161707.jpgHey everyone….this is freaking weird.  Mom has had a pretty crazy week and hasn’t gotten to put her thoughts together.  She tasked me with filling in.  Lazy butt.  Doesn’t she know I have TONS of playing and exploring to do. She’s always messing with my day.  Apparently, there are a few rules I have for this…

  1. No tearing things up.
  2. No chewing the keyboard.
  3. If I do good, I get a cookie…and I LOVE cookies.

My layout may be a little different cause well….she’s boring and I’m not.  So here we go.

Something I Learned: I’ve officially learned that if I pull things under the couch…it becomes mine.  Mom will put things back on her book shelf over and over, but I pull it off the shelf and drag it under the couch…..that’s mine.  I have a little play area I’ve set up under there.  Every time mom sweeps, she ends up being more surprised by the amount of notebooks and paper I’ve stolen.

Moment of Joy: Whenever that glorious fridge is opened, and I mean whenever.  Mom came up with this weird game where she’ll try to close the door before I can get there.  Silly human, that’s never gonna happen!  If it does, which is rare, I just bug her like crazy until she gives in.  I’m the MASTER of begging…..

Is that mine?
I’m pretty sure that’s mine.


No really….I think what you’re eating is mine.

Fears: I HATE the blinds.  I don’t mind watching Walking Dead or Independence Day with mom, but when the wind blows through those blinds…..NO!  It’s horrible, and the scariest thing ever!  The only thing that comes close is when mom leans over the couch to look under it while I’m playing under there.  Seeing her head floating there…..*shudder*

untitledFavorite Things: I love my wood knot.  They put a stupid wood ball in the middle and hearing it clunk while I’m rolling it around is infuriating!  I end up destroying the thing until I can get to that wood ball.  I like to leave some of the little pieces in random places so mom steps on them. It’s really funny to watch her jump around.  Plus…what’s the point of all those wood pieces once I get to the toy inside?

840636_1316954318455_fullEmbarrassing Moment: I hate to admit this but….sometimes I can’t make the jumps I try.  My front paws will make it onto the couch and then scramble as much as I can.  I hang on for dear life and when mom catches me, she always laughs.  She says I look just like this…..

(I couldn’t use the Mufasa one…it makes mom upset)

Loves: Hmmmm there’s so many.  A clean pen, cilantro, fresh litter, kale, sleeping under the table in the kitchen, arugula, any food really.  Oh and note books!  I LOVE notebooks! Eating them, rolling around in them, dragging them around the apartment…anything really!



31 thoughts on “Weekly Update with Thumper

    1. It cracks me up because he can sit through the sounds of scary movies….chain saws, gun shots, screaming…with no problem. lol. The blinds…nope.


    1. He tries to steal everything! Last night it was my water bottle. I couldn’t leave it on my coffee table without him trying to swipe it.


  1. This has to be one of the cutest posts that I’ve seen all day! Thanks for the refreshing and entertaining post, little cutie! I hope you have a fun time their with your mom and always be good!

    Liked by 1 person

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