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October 7 Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to October!  It’s finally Autumn here in the Northeast, and everyone I know is currently loving it.  Sunny, beautiful days without the humidity. My week isn’t fully over as Comic Con hasn’t ended, but the work week has and that’s what I use as my weekly indicator.

2c31462Something I Learned: Banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories.  It’s so fitting that I heard that this week.  We’re in the middle of fall busy season, and I feel like I’m going go crazy.  I have another 40 reports to go in the next 5 days, and it’s been hell dragging my computer home every night.  Working from home is both a blessing and a curse.  I hate and love at it at the same time.

Fears: This week I was feared that I would never find my friends at Comic Con since I had to work the morning.  I thought I’d be bored walking around on my own and want to leave as soon as I got there.  I was able to find my friends throughout the day which was great.  At times we separated to see whatever we wanted that the others didn’t, and it worked out well.  Totally not scary.

One Thing I Want to Change: The timing of Comic Con.  I know it’s not something I have control over, but it would be great if this happened after fall busy season.  I’m exhausted; my feet are killing me; and I just want to sleep.  Having to work long hours isn’t conducive to running around a convention center all day.

Something I’m Thankful For: Catching up with old friends. I ran into several friends this week and I loved seeing them all.  Spending time with each of them, no matter how long (or short), was a blessing.

Comic-Con International 2015 - Screen Gems Panel
SAN DIEGO Comic Con 2015. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Embarrassing Truth: I got busted trying to stare at Matt Smith.  I was being super fan girl, hanging around the line for his autograph table, and I’m sure security thought I was trying to sneak in.  Not the case…I just wanted to look at him.  Lol. He’s just too cute!!!

Loves: What didn’t I love about this week?!  From having fantastic partners at work who let me take a break from busy season to go to the NYCC;to meeting up with old friends; to seeing some of my favorite celebrities and insanely creative merch, this week was exciting and a week full of love!




11 thoughts on “October 7 Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I heard it wasn’t as crowded this year as last year’s NY Comic Con. That must not be so bad as everyone who wanted to get in could do so more comfortably. Nice. 🙂

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