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Easy Listening with Podcasts

Many people use music to keep themselves moving and motivated during a work day.  It truly helps getting through the day.  A few months ago, I abandoned the radio and began listening to podcasts.

podcastsI never really thought much of podcasts as they never peaked my interest until a coworker mentioned Serial.  I love true crime and became obsessed with Making a Murderer. After discussing it for the umpteenth time at lunch (yes we discuss murders. We’re a fun office), he recommended I check it out.  Once that happened, I was opened up to the huge world of podcasting.

You’d be surprised how many different types of podcasts there are; news, sports, TV, movies, radio dramas, self-help and just interesting people or topics in general.  So without further ado, below is my list of favorite podcasts to listen to while working.

StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson – If you like science and are just interested in specific topics or celebrity guests, this is a podcast for you. Neil always hosts with a comedian which give the topics a bit more of a down to earth feel. I always walk away feeling like I learned something after listening.

2016-07-28-mfm002_panel1My Favorite Murder – I mentioned I love true crime, right? Two comedians who LOVE true crime host this cast.  You’ll go through the listening process laughing and in horror of not just the crimes, but of the amount of fact checking that isn’t done.

The No Sleep Podcast – This is a cast of performed novellettes or short stories that grace the No Sleep section of Reddit.  If you love scary stories or horror, this is a wonderful listen.

The Black Tapes – This one of my favorites!  It’s a radio drama that follows Alex, a producer for a broadcast network, as she investigates and explores the paranormal. Trust me….it’s incredible.  Even those who hate scary movies seem to enjoy this.  It’s addicting and wonderfully done.

x1ofidxsThe Way I heard It with Mike Rowe – I love Mike Rowe.  I love his voice, his delivery, and the down to earth vibe he gives off.  He brings his special style to this cast.  Each episode is no more than 15 minutes, so it’s a quick listen.

Limetown – There’s only one season of this so far and it’s a shame.  I loved the podcast.  If you like suspense, drama and the investigation of corruption, this radio drama is for you.

Mental Illness Happy Hour – This can get a bit intense at times.  The episodes are normally around 2 hours long and can cover some heavy topics.  If you are interested in interviews with people who suffer from mental illness, I recommend it.  Just be prepared.

The Mortified Podcast – I crack up laughing every time I listen to this.  Mortified is actual people reading diary, journal or any writings of theirs from when they were tweens and teens.  Needless to say, it’s hysterical.

1466393271419.jpgThe Baby-Sitters Club Club – I sometimes wonder WHY I love this podcast so much. It’s two 30 year old men reading and commenting on the famed Babysitters Club books.  I read these as an 8 year old and was hooked on them.  It’s hysterical listening to grown men read them now.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People – I love the idea around this podcast.  Comedian Chris Gethard hosts and invites people to call in to discuss any topic they want.  The only stipulations are that the callers can’t identify themselves in anyway, and Chris can’t hang up for an hour.  The caller can hang up any time they want until then, but they get a free hour to say anything. Not every episode is the most nail biting, but the majority are beautiful.

ccde1bb8a0086dce64697c47c279fddd0a4c1f391086e10530d734c38537304baf6d3d5dba39ad46b52ab23a4819b9e70fb5cee72c144f48b2b8369625da6464Sword and Scale – Other than Serial, this is probably one of the most famous true crime podcasts.  It’s absolutely addicting and even has a celebrity following.  There are episodes that hard to listen to (episode 20 is notoriously difficult), so go slow and take it one episode at a time. I recommend listening to one and then putting a few other casts in between it.

If you haven’t checked out podcasts before, definitely give it a shot.  It has a lot more to offer than you’d expect, and there’s something for everyone. Happy listening!

Do listen to podcasts?  What are your favorites?



26 thoughts on “Easy Listening with Podcasts

  1. I have never listened to podcasts, but I think I may. I always am looking for something before bed and maybe this is a good idea. Music makes me want to dance, or cry. Maybe this would be like being read a bedtime story!

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  2. I recently got into podcasts earlier this year when I started having a 1 hour + commute to work and now I love them! The Serial podcast got me hooked and, as you said, I was surprised to find just how many different types of podcasts exist!

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  3. This post truly resonates with me. I actually just started listening to podcasts. I love the solo entrepreneur ones particularly the one by Pat Flynn. I’ve literally been on a binge listening to them on my drive and before bed. Can’t wait to discover other amazing podcasts.

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  4. Wow these are some really interesting podcasts. I’ve just gotten into listening to a few but I’m definitely checking out The Black Tapes one. Seems so interesting. I’ve bookmarked your posts so I can come back to it. Thanks for sharing!


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