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Things to Do Instead of Watching Election Coverage

6a00d83534ac5b69e2017c32d65646970bTomorrow is election day, and I’m ecstatic. This election cycle has been one for the record books.  It’s been particularly nasty and stressful, and we haven’t seen the best in people in quite a while.  I’m planning on starting my day early to vote just so I can spend the rest of the day on strike.  I’m striking from election coverage until Wednesday morning, and then it’s only to hear the results. If you’re like me, and need a break once performing your civic duty, here’s a few things I plan on doing rather than watching the election covered.

girl_listening_music_by_lindwa-d3022ffListening to music: At work, you can’t find me without a headphone in.  The background noise helps me focus and keeps me on task.  I’m planning on listening to some of my favorite songs (no matter how old) to celebrate and to get the election off my mind.

Coloring: I love adult coloring books.  Who doesn’t?  It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind and reprioritize.  I always seem to get out of my head to focus on the colors on the page.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that I have a swear word coloring book.  What a great way to get out any pent up frustration from the election cycle!

workout-frquency-628x363Hey….I workout: Tomorrow I’ll be doing an extra workout to keep me away from the television.  Nothing is worse than getting home from a long day to unwind then being hit with more stressful events.  We aren’t going to know the results that early, so there is no point in my watching.

Netflix marathon: The Crown was just released on Netflix and I’m ready for a binge.  It has one of my geek crushes…Matt Smith….starring in it so I’m pretty amped.  My Doctor Who hunny will definitely be able to keep me from the news channels.

Long bath/shower:  If you’re like me, then nothing is more relaxing than a long shower or bath.  There’s something about the warm water that soaks away troubles.  I plan on burning some incense and taking a nice long one to wash away the grunginess that was the 2016 election cycle.

the-secret-life-of-petsFurbaby Playtime: If you have a pet, you know what it’s like to force affection on your favorite animal.  While they stare at you with disdain, you smile and laugh like it’s the best thing on the planet.  You can bet I’ll be doing this to the Dictator tomorrow. He’ll hate me for a week…but it’s so worth it.

Cooking/Meal Prep:  I cook at night since I HATE waking up early to do it.  I’ve planned it so that tomorrow night I’ll cook my meals for the week.  Aversion at it’s finest.

I know we are all ready for this to be over, and many are stressed for what may come from the fall out of the winner.  PLEASE take some time for yourselves.  Do your best to relax.  Once you’ve voted, you have no control over the outcome.  Take some time to relax and enjoy your campaigning free night.


29 thoughts on “Things to Do Instead of Watching Election Coverage

  1. In true hot mess fashion, I’m planning on getting a couple more things done and then getting wine drunk (and staying wine drunk) until the election is over. And possibly continuing that for the next four years, depending. This is probably the most stressful election season I’ve lived through. So glad it’s almost over…

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  2. These are all great ideas, my middle child wants to watch the election polls. His Dad is super into politics and has been speaking about it so much when the boys are at his house so my sons have become super obsessed with this election.

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  3. Much to my dismay, I didn’t have the opportunity to vote until around six o’clock this evening. I had to endure work with co workers yelling about the election, run errands, seeing nothing but signs of candidates, voted, and then had a few beers, leaving myself to stress out over the results. I think a bubble bath with candles lit is calling my name!

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  4. I definitely took a nice long bubble bath while my husband yelled “Trump won Arkansas… Trump won FL” from the living room lol.


    1. Oh no….My butt watched bad sci-fi movies, had a drink, cooked and went to bed. I did my part and it was up to the rest of the country at that point.


  5. Im so late in commenting! But even I (all the way in Australia and originally from New Zealand) was fixed on finding out who would win. I tried to distract myself though, but it was definitely at the back of my head for the day! Wish I had read this earlier, as I didnt realise how much id be into the election lol xx

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