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Update: Guess Who’s Back?

It’s been two weeks since I was last able to update.  I came down with a pretty intense head cold the week before last and felt continuously exhausted.  After I would finish working, it was as if my brain was just too tired to write.  Does that make sense? You only have so much energy and there are specific activities you must expend it on.

Then of course, last week was Thanksgiving.  Each year I go to Denver and visit my family and friends there.  It’s the most beautiful place I’ve been to on in the continental U.S. Something about the snowcapped mountains just makes me feel peaceful and like nothing in the world could go wrong.

Rocky Mountain Beauty – hiking adventure Thanksgiving 2016


I’ll be back on my normal schedule by next week.  Jet lag always kicks my ass, and luckily, I have two posts in my drafts that are almost finished.  I’ll be ready to go as soon as my vacation shock wears off.  I always seem to go from happy to be home to being tired the week after I come back from vacation.  My body needs to get back into the swing of things, waking up early, having responsibilities, etc.

Thanks for sticking with me through the last two weeks!  I really do appreciate it!


11 thoughts on “Update: Guess Who’s Back?

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better and taking time to get back on track. Colorado is such a beautiful state and the air always seems so pristine when I visit … such cool mountains too.

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