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5 Things I Love About My Body

If you’ve read some of my past posts, you know that a positive self image is not exactly something I have in abundance.  But there are things that I appreciate my body for.  It’s not just something aesthetic.  So in an effort to improve my body confidence and positive self image.  I give you….5 things I love about my body.

6826544_orig.jpgMy body is strong. – I never give myself enough credit for the strength I’ve built within my body.  I do work out at least twice a week, and lifting weights in big portion of that time.  I never give myself enough credit for just how strong and powerful my body is.  I may be a plus size, but I can dead lift with the men in my gym.  I can hold my own.

My body is healthy. – While I may be chubby or fat depending on your view, my body is actually healthy.  I’m within healthy ranges when my blood work is done. I leave a decently active life style.  No I’m not running marathons, but I’m walking 5 to 10ks.  .

My body is map of my family. – Most of the women in my family are “curvy” or even “chubby.”  My mother is in the minority as only the men in my family are normally rail thin.  The rest of the women are from size 10 to size 16 (depending on the designer). We have curves.  We silhouettes and we fill out our bras damn it.

quote-i-had-to-grow-to-love-my-body-i-did-not-have-a-good-self-image-at-first-finally-it-occurred-queen-latifah-52-3-0310My legs are hot as fuck. – I’m not going to lie…I have killer legs.  They are amazingly sculpted and I really rock a dress or skirt.  They are definitely on my favorite parts of my body, and I always feel sexy when I show them off.

5ab902f59d2d8b2ae4e9aaeaa5774f71My body allows me to do amazing things. – I’ve climbed mountains, swum with dolphins and sharks, and experienced many things in this body.  I’ve seen various parts of the world.  I can tell you the smell of hot springs in New Zealand since that pungent odor was burned into my nose.  I can tell you that’s the reason why I’ll never go to the hot springs in Colorado.  My body remembers.  I can tell how amazing the Great Barrier Reef is and the gorgeous colors since it’s forever in my memory. I can tell you how it felt to have the sun on my body in Mexico or the Caribbean.  I can also tell you how it feels to burn only half of your body while in the sun in the Bahamas.  It will forever be a family story since only my left side was sun burned, while my right was perfectly tanned.  How does that happen?

There is so much more to our bodies than the way they look, and they do so much for us.  We focus so much on the appearance but not the function. Perhaps we should be more grateful for what we can do, than how we look.


27 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About My Body

  1. I am trying to teach my daughter to love her body no matter what anyone thinks.I tell her she has her grandmother’s hips, her Aunts nose, another Aunts puffy lips, my eye color etc. I tell her she is created with love from a bunch of people who love and adore her just the way she is.

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  2. This is a beautiful post!
    I think we all go through phases of loving our bodies and not loving it. That’s okay, but knowing it’s strong is awesome.

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  3. I think many of us could benefit from writing out all of the things we love about our bodies. My legs are also one of my favorite features. And the fact that I grew two humans with my body? Love that. You have so much to be proud of!!

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