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5 Things You Never Thought to Ask

636013640743127835-1744914702_idon'trememberThis time of year is always the hardest.  It’s my busy season at work, and I spend more time working than anything.  It’s late nights and weekends, 55 hours a week and Saturdays.  I barely get a full nights sleep due to the time it takes to wind down after work. With those sleep deprived nights comes some pretty awful decision making and random thoughts that never would have crossed my mind other wise. Here are some of the weirdest things that pop into my head this time of year.

stranger-dangerAfter talking about Beauty and the Beast with a friend, the prince was turned into the Beast when he was 10 in Disney’s original by a sorceress disguised as an old hag. Why exactly was a Prince allowed to answered the door?  Don’t they have footmen or a doorman for that?  If so, why would you let a random old woman in to see the prince? He’s 10!  What kind of old woman needs to talk to a 10 year old?  Or did Cogsworth just drop the ball?


What do surgeons do when they have to use the bathroom while performing an operation?  Do they go to the bathroom prior and just hope for the best? Do they stop the procedure if the urge comes?  Someone let me know.

kg27-artichokes-05What really is the point of a rubber duck? Not only does Arthur Weasley need to know, but so do I.

How did people discover artichokes were edible? They certainly don’t look edible, let alone delicious (even though they are).  Was this person starving?  I’d have to imagine so.  I love artichokes just like the next woman, but these don’t exactly look like something I’m supposed to eat.  Kudos to the first brave soul who tried one.  You must have to been so hungry! You paved the way for the rest of us to enjoy this yumminess.

Why is it that after I cook something, it never seems as appetizing as when I thought of it? It tastes good; it looks good. BUT after I make it, I want something else.  It’s like the idea of it made me hungry but it just isn’t what I want.  This happens with almost everything.  I baked brownies last week (I LOVE BROWNIES), and they just sitting in a container on my counter.  The idea of having brownies whenever I want is what I craved.  Not the actual brownie, I guess, but what the hell?


I definitely don’t have the clearest mind during this time of year, and it seems I truly become aware of those important universal questions.  I wonder what other revelation will pop up during the next 3 weeks.  What odd thoughts have popped into your mind at the weirdest times?




20 thoughts on “5 Things You Never Thought to Ask

  1. lol cute questions. The surgeon one is one I’d like the answer to too! I have a facebook friend that is one, maybe I’ll ask but it’ll be awkward!

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  2. Funny questions but also very real. Lol. I would ask the same thing about the artichokes. Like, what actually happened out there when they discovered it.

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  3. hahahaha, truly these are a few questions one never asks, the one about food cooked not tasting as thought before it was cooked got me doh. hopefully alot more will get answers soon.

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  4. I have always been curious what made people start drinking milk. Like think about it… it’s kinda gross. Artichokes are sooo yummy! Great questions, I have also wondered about surgeons and bathroom breaks.

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  5. Hahaha the cooking part happens to me all the time! I wanted peanut butter cookies and the moment I made them I ended up giving them away. I had 1 in a span of a week lol!


  6. Artichokes like artichokes… but have you ever wondered how did people think that a shrimp it’s edible? I mean, have you seen how ugly and disgusting it looks like alive, with it’s shell on? 🙂

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  7. I don’t have answers to those but I am going to try artichokes sore sure now. Its not available in India or maybe I never cared to notice but I see it in all the stores here. It never looked appetizing to me, but now I think I am ready to try that…:) Just don’t bother much about getting answer to those, tomorrow you will have a new set of thoughts, that’s how human mind works!

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    1. From movies…I always thought they do consider scratching your nose as bidding! I feel like someone needs to test this.


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