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My Mental Illness is NOT your Paycheck

It started with a simple post. An acquaintance put out a call on social media for all those who have anxiety and depression and take medication. There was no qualifying statement asking for advice or even just explaining she was going through a hard time.  She had mentioned to me privately about struggling with stress and anxiety, so I didn’t feel that it was anything negative. Then the comments started.

It turns0510b644a8612b531179d15291cd4985709e16-wm out that this individual is involved in MLM businesses.  Her friends who are also involved in the same type of business began commenting with the products they sell that help with these “mental issues.”  In fact, one person even suggest that you do not need pills, you just need life style changes.  My acquaintances response was not, “That’s not what this post is for,” or “these products are not to replace your medication.”  Rather, her responses were to suggest her own products to individuals who commented that they take medication…and not to be used in conjunction with their prescribed medication.

I was in utter disbelief.  It’s a widely held belief that people don’t take mental illnesses seriously, but I’ve never met someone who was blatantly trying to use these illnesses to try and profit from those who are diagnosed with them.

UntitledThere is something unique with mental disorders and illnesses.  No one would suggest you do this for any other illness that you take medication for.  Nor, do I believe that any other illnesses allow for such misinformation. Have we ever seen a “fitness company” try to sell powders and mixes that help with other illnesses?  You can’t go to this individual if you have diabetes and want to get off your insulin. Are there any MLM companies that provide products for that instead of medication?

It would be one thing if the post was about supplements to assist with your medicine regimen, if you have one, but the thought of someone trying to sell these kinds of items in place of what is needed medicine for many people just gets under my skin.

CVeg8V5VEAE_zuGThere is a constant belief that mental illness medications are over-prescribed or not necessary, however, what people don’t realize is that they are needed for quite a few people.  Add in the fact that just going off any daily medication without your doctor’s expertise can be detrimental, individuals using this group of people to gain a client base is something I found appalling.

There is so much misinformation and stigma in our society. It’s almost as if taking advantage of this group of individuals is seen as normal.  Perhaps I’m too close to the subject to look at this objectively, but when anyone suggests that someone give up their medication for oils, supplements or yoga, it gets my blood boiling.


19 thoughts on “My Mental Illness is NOT your Paycheck

  1. I really wish people would think before they speak. The amount of times I’ve heard “oh you’ll feel better tomorrow” or “go out and take your mind off things” really does annoy me! I truly believe if you’ve never experience something, you cannot judge it! And even if you have, no two stories are ever identical

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    1. It’s very disheartening to people who love with mental illness. No one wants to be dismissed that way. I hope your mom is doing well. I know each day can be a struggle.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more. I understand that perhaps some don’t understand it but I was raised to keep my mouth shut if I wasn’t fully in the knowledge before offending someone. Aww thank you, thats very sweet. I hope you have more better days that bad! x

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  2. The world is a beautiful yet with some ugly people in. And too many people are trying to make a quick buck. I suffered from anxiety for a really long time and was on medication for it, it’s better now but I know the feeling all too well.

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  3. Words cut deeper than sword sometimes and we need to remember it before opening our mouths! I agree with you, there is scientific evidence backing mental illnesses, but when you have people that decide to look past it, that means they will find anything to bring you down to their level!! Keep your chin up, dear!!!

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    1. I’m so glad you mentioned having an MLM and not using it in this way. It definitely soured my outlook on them. But it’s good to know that there are people who won’t use anyway possible to make a quick buck.


  4. Mental illness in our society is considered as stigma which is very bad. If we can accept cancer or other serious physical ailments then why not mental problems. They also can be treated by medical help and love from loved ones.


  5. Ulgh this post hits entirely too close to home. I have lost two people in the past year to mental illness . I seriously, with everything in my heart and soul, wish that doctors and “friends” around these two amazing people took them a bit more serious. Thank you for this honest post, I loved it.

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  6. Nowadays I read so many titles that are outrageous. People inventing recipes that are good in treating cancer and other diseases such as honey and lemon lets say. I just do not get how some people are still ignorant and believe in everything they read on the internet.

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  7. This is a wonderful and honest post. I agree it’s ridiculous how some people respond to mental illness. They still think simply going out and being with people will fix it.

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