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Small Things that Remind Me Life is Worth Living

It’s one of my busiest times of year at work, which means my writing time has been seriously diminished.  By the time I get home, I veg out on the couch, clean or run errands.  It’s not the most exciting time of life.  BUT it’s the one of the few times of year that I realize how much little things matter, and it oh so nicely coincides with the fall and Thanksgiving. So I want to give a great big THANK YOU to the small things that make me happy.

Thank you smell of bleach after you’ve cleaned your home.  You remind me that I don’t have to do anything else, and I can just relax.  You give me an amazing feeling of accomplishment and health.

I can’t wait for this to be crimson, orange and yellow

Thank you to this tree.  Whenever I pass you on my weekend walks, I’m reminded of how beautiful the world is. I can’t wait for the fall colors to fully explode from your leaves.

Thank you to good friends who don’t care if you come over in pajama pants.  It’s the only way I socialize during busy season, especially if we’re having a night in on a Friday. You let me be me just as I am, a crazy mess of anxiety, exhaustion, but still extroverted.

Thank you to the smell of my radiator during the first heating cycle since the winter. Your musty, yet metallic odor reminds me of books, pumpkins and sweaters.


Thank you to the owners of gorgeous homes who let random strangers stop, admire and take a picture. Driving around, admiring homes, decorations and architecture is one of my favorite hobbies.  These are two of my favorite in my area, and I have to admire them every time I go by.

Thank you to cheese.  Yes…cheese.  For some women, it’s chocolate, but for me, cheese makes everything better.  Chips and salsa? Add cheese.  Crackers?  Add cheese.  Bored?  Add cheese. The only thing you don’t put it on is fish, but everything else….fair game.

As you can see, he loves food….and laying in his food  Lol.

Thank you to my adorable bunny. For some reason he’s been ridiculously affectionate lately, and I’m loving it.  I know they say dogs can tell when you aren’t feeling your best, but may be bunnies do too.  He’s wanted a lot of pets and cuddles, which is unusual, but I am more than happy to give it.

Thank you to Netflix. When my anxiety or depression kicks in, you are always there as a distraction.  And of course, now that Stranger Things 2 is out, you are a wonderful way to spend any day when you are stressed or exhausted.

Thank you to my pen pals. Writing letters is only a year old hobby of mine, but there’s something relaxing in speaking with a complete stranger.  Learning about each other and glimpsing each others lives without actually meeting one another is an interesting, but fulfilling bond.  You learn so much about a stranger that you begin to bond over the slightest things.

Is there anything you love to reminds you about how wonderful life is?  What small things make you feel like all is well with the world?





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