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Summer Hiatus is Over!

  Summer is almost over, and for the majority of us, Labor Day in the US marked the end of the season.  Seeing summer leave is always one of the hardest parts of the year. We get so used to the warm weather, the sunny days and being outdoors.  Something about summer is just…happy. This…… Continue reading Summer Hiatus is Over!

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You Follow Me Wherever I Go

Most of us learn about our shadows when we’re little, and our little selves are mesmerized by them. This dark shape on the ground that looks just like us keeps us occupied, sometimes scared, but mostly intrigued. They grow and change with us, an almost perfect reflection of ourselves depending on the sun’s position, of…… Continue reading You Follow Me Wherever I Go

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My Inner Child is Confused

When it comes to therapy, there are hundreds of different modalities and philosophies on treatment, and this last two weeks my therapist and I have tried a new one. I’ve heard about Inner Child Healing from friends who had done some work in that area, but it always seemed a bit “hippie dippie” to me. …… Continue reading My Inner Child is Confused

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December Rush – How to get through this time of year easily

I can’t believe it’s December.  I feel like time is flying this year, but doesn’t everyone say that each year? I’m not sure when it happened, but it definitely seemed like the year just started a month ago. December is always a rough month.  I’m the youngest of seven, and most of my family have…… Continue reading December Rush – How to get through this time of year easily

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Don’t Say the D Word!

My mom came for a visit this weekend.  We got to spend some much needed time together, and of course, I milked her visit for some assistance in cleaning my place.  Lol.  I can only clean on the weekends so why not wait till the morning she visits?  I’m horrible; I know…haha. My place is…… Continue reading Don’t Say the D Word!

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Today I Ate a Cheeseburger and Other Anxiety Musings

Today I ate a cheeseburger, and I can’t stop staring in the mirror.  I  know it’s not possible to physically see a weight gain right after eating something bad, but once I finish the meal, I start picking a part my body.  My face is so full (fyi…it’s always been); my arms are too big; my hips are…… Continue reading Today I Ate a Cheeseburger and Other Anxiety Musings

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Broken Family Trees

Therapy is a key component of life for many individuals who struggle with the pressures and stresses of life.  I left my old therapist several months ago as I felt I had outgrown our relationship.  Sadly, there is no “one size fits all” in therapy and each professional is a bit different.  Each specializes in their own…… Continue reading Broken Family Trees