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Small Victories in Mental Illness

Life has a tendency to throw curve balls when you least expect it, making it a wonderful, exhausting, stressful experience.  A lot of time and effort is dedicated to the various aspects of our lives whether it be work, family or friends.  On top of that, there is the daily upkeep of our existence that…… Continue reading Small Victories in Mental Illness

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5 Things I Love About My Body

If you’ve read some of my past posts, you know that a positive self image is not exactly something I have in abundance.  But there are things that I appreciate my body for.  It’s not just something aesthetic.  So in an effort to improve my body confidence and positive self image.  I give you….5 things…… Continue reading 5 Things I Love About My Body

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December Rush – How to get through this time of year easily

I can’t believe it’s December.  I feel like time is flying this year, but doesn’t everyone say that each year? I’m not sure when it happened, but it definitely seemed like the year just started a month ago. December is always a rough month.  I’m the youngest of seven, and most of my family have…… Continue reading December Rush – How to get through this time of year easily

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Starting Over – Another Journey

Sometimes all a woman needs is a long weekend away.  After being responsible for the issuing of 150 reports within a month, I took an extra day off of work this weekend.  Ironically, I’m not exhausted.  Ha!  Isn’t that always the way?  You take vacation and end up exhausted from vacation.  I didn’t actually go…… Continue reading Starting Over – Another Journey

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The Best Time of Year

Fall is here ladies and gents!  I know…because I get sick every time the seasons change.  The last few days I’ve been suffering from a stuffy nose, a tickle in my throat and a headache.  I know normally I’d have a post about either my mental health or mental health in general, but I’m exhausted. …… Continue reading The Best Time of Year

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Today I Ate a Cheeseburger and Other Anxiety Musings

Today I ate a cheeseburger, and I can’t stop staring in the mirror.  I  know it’s not possible to physically see a weight gain right after eating something bad, but once I finish the meal, I start picking a part my body.  My face is so full (fyi…it’s always been); my arms are too big; my hips are…… Continue reading Today I Ate a Cheeseburger and Other Anxiety Musings