10-18-16 NY Comic Con Wrap Up



The view from my office on the first day of Comic Con

Comic Con was incredible this year!  There was so much to do and see that my phone died every day.  Anyone who says a woman never lets her phone die has clearly never been to Con.  You find yourself taking pictures of absolutely everything.  I took at least 5 pictures of just random items every day that I will have to go through and delete.  But without further ado….here’s a small wrap up of my time at the Con.

I worked from our NYC office for the morning, and everyone at the office wanted to know why I wasn’t dressed up for the show.  Hello!  I’m at the office!  At least I know for next year that while we may have a business casual dress code, there is an exception for Comic Con.  After finishing up my work for the morning, I headed out for the walk to the Javits Center.

Welcome to ComicCon…with love….Negan

After entering the center, attendees were greeted by the one and only Negan from The Walking Dead.  I didn’t attend the TWD panel, but I heard there were a few spoilers as to who died from last season.  I’d rather wait to be surprised.

If you read my weekly wrap up, you know I was nervous about wandering around alone, trying to find my friends. It actually didn’t take very long at all and ran in my friend Regina pretty quickly.  She was already in a panel when I arrived so I wandered while I waited for her to finish up.  Liz was also working that morning and was waiting in line to get in, and Alex was in line at Funko.  I have to give him credit; he’d been there all morning and missed out on a good chunk of the day just to get some loot.

Regina and I wandered around the floor for a bit just checking things out and buying some Doctor Who and Harry Potter merch.  I had to snap some pics as we walked the floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LEGOs Super girls set up as well as their TMNT interactive build.

The most prevalent part of Comic Con was the love for Harley Quinn.  There were so many people dressed as the anti-hero that you couldn’t walk two feet without running into one.  Even Legos were loving her and included her in their super girl displays.  Lego had several set ups through out the floor that were interactive with guests.

FUNKO had two booths on the floor, and while the line was still wrapped around one of the displays, I received a call from Liz.  She told me to stay put and made her way over to FUNKO. Due to the limited amount of merchandise, FUNKO set up a lottery system to allow Con goers to enter their booths.  Liz was not only able to get us into the booths, but we were able to do so without waiting for more than 15 minutes.  Of course, I had to call Alex and brag because I’m that friend.  He ended up coming to the booth while I was behind that magical, blue velvet rope that kept customers in line.  Yeah….I’m that friend.  FUNKO brought all limited edition items and even though I don’t collect them, I went to town. I now have a GIGANTIC bag of figures that I don’t know what to do with.

FUNKOs gigantic Harley Quinn

Liz had to head back to work shortly after our FUNKO visit, but it was great to meet up with her.  We had both lived in our sorority house at the same time but hadn’t seen each other since college. It’s always surprising how close you can live to someone and not actually see them.  Then again, I live in the most densely populated area in the country…it really shouldn’t be that shocking.  I loved being able to catch up with her, and it’s nice to know that some things never change. We are both still huge geeks.  In college, it was the complete Buffy DVD collection. Now, it’s Doctor Who and podcasts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least was the Cosplay.  There were some great cosplayers at the Con, but for some reason I don’t seem to have as many pictures of them.  I seemed to have spent more time take pictures of things rather than people, and some of the pictures just didn’t come out the way I hoped.  Below are my two favorites.

Don’t worry, mom gave permission to take their picture.

I fellin LOVE with this brother/sister duo who were the cutest Doctors I’ve ever seen.   They were so excited to share their story of meeting Matt Smith and the rest of the Doctor Who cast that was at the Con.  Their mom even cried to see them so happy  at meeting their favorite Doctor.


They also had their little sister with them who was dressed as a TARDIS.  Unfortunately she had a long day and was done.  According to the two of them, toddlers and comic con just don’t mix.  She was having a day and was tired of pictures.

Earth, Northern Water Tribe, Southern Water Tribe, Air

This group truly went above and beyond.  I love Avatar: The Last Airbender and marathon it when I’m homesick occasionally. I started watching this show while babysitting two boys back in college, and it sucked me in.  I would find myself asking if the boys wanted to watch it during TV time.   I loved the care this group took to get the characters just right.  I wasn’t the only person who had to stop and take a few pictures of them.  The only thing missing is the Fire nation. Sorry for the poor lighting.



25 thoughts on “10-18-16 NY Comic Con Wrap Up

  1. I just love how everyone is so into it, that is what makes it magic. So festive and it look like you have made some lifelong memories.


  2. This brought back some great memories of when my kids used to go and have fun with their friends. I took them to several and enjoyed watching all the Cosplay dressups. Thankfully, It’s not as crazy packed anymore.

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