08-02-16: Oh Captain, My Captain

I’ve been completely obsessed with Captain America lately.  I don’t understand why as I’m normally an Iron Man woman.  I think it’s the way Robert Downey Jr. plays him, but he’s the perfect Iron Man.  Arrogant asshole, but also has this heart deep down. Yet, Cap’n is totally doing it for me lately.  I’ve been watching Winter Soldier on repeat.  I’m not going to lie…I love Bucky Barnes as well (the best part of Civil War). Yet, Winter Soldier is always cued up for when I get home. Lol.  My older brother proud.  He tattooed the Captain America shield on his elbows. So this week’s geek love goes to the Captain.

Do they make this as a laptop bag?
CA lock
I want these for my gym bag!
This kickass leather jacket!




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