About The Author


I’m an early 30’s woman on an adventure to find and love who I really am.  I’m a daughter, sister, aunt and friend.  I call those close to me family and my family a part of me.  I love the sun and hate the sand.  I HATE tomatos but love everything made with them. I’m an animal lover and am addicted to the ID network. I’m passionate about my loved ones, and my heart breaks for those that need help.  I like to volunteer and feel like I’m meant for so much more in this world.


Books of all types • Coloring (it’s calming. don’t judge) • The Beach • The Feeling of Flowing Water • Superhero Movies • Game of Thrones (both books and movies) • Supernatural • Doctor Who • Sherlock • Bright Colors • True Crime


I chose this username due to the fact that I had tried several times to lose weight and I was determined that it would be my last time.  I was no longer going to stop the battle and continue going no matter what.

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