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Summer Hiatus is Over!


Summer is almost over, and for the majority of us, Labor Day in the US marked the end of the season.  Seeing summer leave is always one of the hardest parts of the year. We get so used to the warm weather, the sunny days and being outdoors.  Something about summer is just…happy.

This summer was a pretty eventful one for me, and I had to take some time off of writing to keep up with all the events.  Now that summer has ended, things should be calming down.  But the memories of the summer will stay.

There were several trips to the beach.….

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….for which I paid dearly. My pale butt listened to my very tan friends and put on tanning oil.  Needless to say, my fair skin was none too happy.

Sunburn from trip 1  (does anyone else’s legs tan or burn unevenly?)


And since I didn’t learn the first time….

Sun burn from trip 2 (at least this one is even)


I made  a few day trips into the city with friends and family. I went bowling a few times, and my best friend came to visit. I love that her husband paid for her to stay a few extra days and get to spend some “girl time.”

Let’s not forget the trips to the pool and lake either…





My family from California came to visit and I got to spend time with the cutest little nugget.  Yes I’m biased, but come on.  He’s adorable!


It was a pretty eventful few months, with a lot of traveling and running around, but I’m sad to see it go.  I wish it was just a little bit longer to squeeze in a bit more.


14 thoughts on “Summer Hiatus is Over!

  1. Summers are beautiful but then I have had so many sunburns while on the beach or while extensively travelling in the sun. Sometimes even the sunscreens didn’t work! Seems you enjoyed your summers

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  2. Oh boy, the picture of your sunburn brings back memories. I don’t really burn, but I always tan REALLY fast the first few days of summer (we’re talking 15min and I have a tan line). One year I had rolled up my pant legs and read outside for a half hour or so and I had these horrible uneven tan lines all summer… Anyway it looks like you had a wonderful summer!

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  3. When I was a kid summer had a lot more meaning to it than it does now that I am an adult. I work every season. I do like having fun options in the summer though. I just don’t always get to do them.

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  4. I love summer but we didn’t get too many sunny days this year here in the UK. So I took a late trip and went to Spain for the beginning of September, to enjoy the sunshine. Oh, you should always wear a really high protection factor sunscreen. Your sunburns look so painful.

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