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The Best Time of Year

Fall is here ladies and gents!  I know…because I get sick every time the seasons change.  The last few days I’ve been suffering from a stuffy nose, a tickle in my throat and a headache.  I know normally I’d have a post about either my mental health or mental health in general, but I’m exhausted.  Does anyone else have a hard time with introspection while sick? I’m hoping so since all I really want to do is sleep and binge watch TV.

Like most, Fall is one my favorite seasons.  There’s something about that crisp air.  To celebrate the coming of the new season, here are few things I LOVE about this time of year.


Apple Crisp Stuffed Baked apples

Apple desserts – apples and cinnamon is one of my favorite smells and flavors.  I know most people are all about the pumpkin spice…but to me apple crisp, apple pie, apple cider donuts, these things scream Fall.

Apple picking – I love apple picking with my friends and family.  A few years ago, I somehow got tricked into carrying my niece for the end of our trip, and she confirmed with her mom that I was a sucker.  She was only 4 at the time and was to sweet when she asked me to pick her up.  I had missed the beginning of the trip and the memo that no one was being carried. Going with friends is also a wonderful, with a bit more “mature” conversation and a bit of acting up.  Throwing leaves at each other and having a good laugh makes the day extra special.

Warm smells – Did you ever wonder if a smell can actually have its own temperature?  The smells of backing, fireplaces and the leaves just make me feel cozy.  It gives a feeling of warmth within my stomach and heart that no other season has.



The colors – I know it may seem odd to love the colors of Fall more than those of Spring, but while Spring is new and vibrant, Fall has those burnt oranges and reds that paint our highways.

Spring has trees and meadows that are dotted with beautiful colors.  Fall though, the entire landscape is changed into deep colors.  Colors do have meanings and inspire feelings individuals, and the colors of Fall have a tendency to inspire energy, enthusiasm, and joy.

The combination of the smells and colors of Fall stir comfort within me.  It just feels like home.





Comfy sweaters – It’s almost like being wrapped in a warm, soft hug. Fashion becomes not only stylish but comfortable.  Oversized, soft sweaters are my go-to for the season.  There’s no need to dress up in summer dresses or have to deal with a weekly pedicure.  Fall is all about warmth and comfort.

I ended up choosing this image as there were three styles.



Boots!!!! – This is my FAVORITE part of fall.  Boots season is here, and stocking up on the newest trends is the best part.  From ankle boots to over the knee, flat or riding boots to heels, the best of part of fall is all of the boots.  Even picking an image for this was difficult.  I wanted to use them all!

I spend way too much each Fall on boots and adding to my shoe collection. In fact, I’ve already bought my first pair for the season.   I wouldn’t change a thing though.

What’s your favorite part of the new season?  Do you do anything in particular during this time of year?




37 thoughts on “The Best Time of Year

  1. Autumn/FALL FINALLY arrived in Louisiana! Granted it’s a week late, but so happy if finally showed up! LOL I’m praying it sticks around. In Louisiana, you never know what the weather will be like day to day. Can’t wait for the sweater and boot temps. I broke out the pumpkin praline coffee I had stashed for fall! We woke up to 73 degrees, after having 84 yesterday! LOL

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  2. Wow. Love the leaves, the colors, the smell, the taste, the look, the style – such a lovely sum of all good things the season has to offer. Poetic! Wish you a quick recovery – your fav season’s here to rev you up with a fresh post and fresh feel 🙂

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    1. I don’t have anything against pumpkin, but I don’t drink coffee anymore so I only enjoy pumpkin spice donuts. I gave up coffee over 2 years ago so it’s a bit lost on me.

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    1. I’d do summer all year if it was the SoCal summer. Lol. NJ summers can get very humid and I like giving those days back. Give me the low 80’s, no humidity days, and I’m happy.


  3. Being able to wear boots and leggings is my favorite thing about the fall. As a matter of fact, I wore boots to work for the first time this season and it was wonderful.

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  4. I love the changing colors of fall, fall wear and the cooling yet not cold temperature. It is one of my favorite seasons and an easy time to get sick.

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